About SIGs

AED's Special Interest Groups (SIGs) 

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) bring together AED members with personal and professional interests in distinct areas of eating disorders -- body image, family therapy, medical care and psychodynamic psychotherapy, just to name a few. Each SIG organizes itself around those specific activities that best serve its practitioner -- and research-based constituencies. 

Choosing to join a SIG may be one of the most important decisions of your career.

How to join a SIG:

Become an AED member, join one or more SIGs within the members-only area and participate in the discussions on the SIG-specific social community.

Learn how you can start a special interest group.

For further information about SIGs, contact SIG Oversight Committee co-chairs Marcia Herrin  (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) or Isabel Krug (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).

AED Members: Participate in SIG listserv discussions.


Academy for Eating Disorders -- Special Interest Groups

To learn more about a SIG and its activities, click on the name of the SIG to learn more or click a Co-Chair’s name to email them a question.



Assessment And Diagnosis

Kelly Berg, PhD

Kelsie Forbush, PhD

Bariatric Surgery

Stephanie Cassin, C. Psych
Marcelo Papelbaum, MD, PhD

Body Image & Prevention

Rachel Rodgers, PhD

Megan Jones, Psy.D.

Child and Adolescent Eating Disorders

Allison Chase, PhD

Scott Moseman, MD

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Kay Watt, MAPC, LPC

Leslie Anderson, PhD 

Eating and Sleep

Jennifer Lundgren, PhD, FAED

Marci Gluck, PhD 

Epidemiology and Public Health Practice

Alexis Duncan, MPH, PhD

Kendrin Sonneville, ScD, RD, LDN

Family Based Treatment (FBT)

Melissa Coan, MEd

Therese Waterhous, PhD, RD, LD

Peter Doyle, PhD

Genes and Environment

Jessica Baker, PhD

Melissa Munn-Chernoff, PhD 

Health at Every Size 

Rachel Calogero, PhD 

Tracy Tylka, PhD 

Information Technology 

Martha Ireland, PhD, RN, CS, CEDS, DCC 
Lot Sternheim, MSc 

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender 

Rachel Levine, MD

Kaity R. Hutchinson, Psy.D 

Males & Eating Disorders 

Alison Darcy, PhD
Jerel Calzo, PhD

Medical Care 

Andrea Garber, PhD

Eleni Lantzouni, MD 


Guido Frank, MD, FAED

Cara Bohon, PhD


Kara Fitzpatrick, PhD 
Joanna Steinglass, MD 

New Investigators 

Radha Kothari, PhD

Andrea Goldschmidt, PhD


Hilmar Wagner, MPH, RD

Susan Kleiman 

Professionals and Recovery 

Mark Warren, MD, MPH, FAED   

Beth Hartman McGilley, PhD, FAED 

Psychodynamic and Integrated Psychotherapies 

Doug Bunnell, PhD, FAED

Residential and Inpatient 

Keesha Broome, MA, LMFT

Felicia Kolodner, MS LPC, NCC, CEDS 

Somatic and Somatically Oriented Therapies

Laura J. Weisberg, PhD      

Adrienne Ressler, LMSW, CEDS     

Sport and Exercise 

Emily Kroshus, MPH     

Hannah L. Jackson, PhD, MPH    


Jennifer Bleck, MPH
Lisa Hail

Substance Abuse 

Tamara Pryor, PhD, FAED

Umberto Nizzoli 

Alex Drossos, MD


Nicole Siegfreid, PhD

Mary Bartlett, PhD 


Tiffany Rush-Wilson, PCC-S, LP, NCC, CCC

Mae Lynn Reyes Rodriguez, PhD 

Trauma and Eating Disorders 

Jeffrey Mar, MD
Christina Tortolani, PhD


Micaela Hayes, MD
Hope Levin, MD