Professional Training

Professional Training

Clinical Teaching Day Workshops - International Conference on Eating Disorders (ICED)

The next Clinical Teaching Day will take place April 27, 2015 prior to the ICED in Boston, MA, USA. Visit the 2015 ICED website.

Clinical Teaching Days are designed for the treatment provider. Sessions are smaller, "how-to" workshops that are designed to increase participants’ knowledge of accepted treatments and expand clinical skills. Participation in the AED Clinical Teaching Day requires a separate registration fee.


American Medical Association CME on Eating Disorders

Screening and Managing Eating Disorders in Primary Practice was developed to educate physicians about eating disorders, with the goal of earlier detection and intervention. The course – the first of its kind – provides a basic diagnostic overview of the range of eating disorders; reviews the screening and referral process; and briefly describes the role of the primary care physician in treating patients with eating disorders.

Part of AMA's EPoCH CME (Educating Physicians on Controversies and Challenges in Health)


STRIPED - Strategic Training Initiative for the Prevention of Eating Disorders

STRIPED is a graduate-level training initiative based at the Harvard School of Public Health and Children's Hospital Boston. STRIPED brings together experts in eating disorders, public health, adolescent preventive medicine, health law, policy, and economics, and many other disciplines to create a public health incubator, a place where transdisciplinary collaborations catalyze crosscutting, innovative approaches to eating disorders prevention.

The mission of STRIPED is to train the next generation of health professionals to harness the power of public health to prevent eating disorders and related problems with food, weight, and appearance. STRIPED strives to create a society where girls and boys alike can grow up at home in their own bodies.